Carnival Games California – A Quick Guide to Planning Carnival Games for Your Event

Any kind of large event – corporate picnics, fundraisers, city festivals – is a little more fun when there are things for people to do. Carnival games are a perfect match for sunshine-filled outdoor events; they’re instantly familiar, easy (and inexpensive) for everyone to participate in, and carry a bit of excitement with them. And carnival games are easy to fit to the size of your crowd, anywhere from a few dozen to thousands of people, because you determine the size of the midway.

Christiansen Amusements has been providing carnival games in California for events and parties since 1965, so we know the business and can make sure that you select the perfect carnival games California for your next community event.
There are three major categories of carnival games:

  • Center games are large, open-sided tents about 16'x16'. People can come from all four sides to play (depending on the game type). Center games include the traditional Goldfish, Milk Can Toss, and dart throw.
  • Lineup games are lightly wider, but shallower than center games and are perfect for small areas or long, irregularly shaped locations. These games have play from one side (so people line-up to play), and include favorites like the Bean Bag Toss.
  • Trailer games are housed in hard-sided stands and can have multiple players, like the Derby Race or Duck Shooting Gallery.

Christiansen Amusements offers all three types of carnival games California. (In fact, we have 35 different midway games.) When you rent carnival games California from our Escondido based company, we supply the prizes, experienced and professional staff, and all required insurance. All you have to do is plan the party:

  1. Sketch out your location. Midway games do take up space, so make sure your venue can accommodate all of the games you need. (You can call us for exact sizes.)
  2. Estimate your crowd size. Make sure you have enough games for everyone to have a chance to play, but not too many for smaller crowds.

Pick your games. We have all of your favorite carnival games California! The strongman “High Strike,” Ring Toss, Bank a Ball – whatever your expected age group and skill level, we have the perfect carnival games waiting.